Knox endeavors to blend traditional and contemporary musical forms. Most Sundays you’ll hear a traditional pipe organ on some hymns, and other songs accompanied by a full band with guitars, mandolin, piano and percussion. Some Sundays you’ll hear a violin solo, other Sundays a duet or an a cappella anthem, and still other times a bluegrass motif. We blend sacred hymns and contemporary worship artists like Hillsong, David Crowder, and Jon Foreman.

We also celebrate the variety of artistic talents that we are blessed with in our community. Artists  Shirleen Chang, Jill Daniels, Clovis Blackwell, Susan Chesney, and Christopher Slatoff along with our kids and youth help to create beautiful pieces for our Sanctuary space.  Other art forms such as dance, drama, interpretive sign language, and creative writing enhance our gathered worship.

Our hope is to create a space where people can be free to worship God authentically and creatively, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually drawn by the Holy Spirit.

What is Worship?

Worship is a hot topic in churches today, and for good reason: worship is a significant issue because it is critical to Christian life! There’s a lot more to worship than singing or praying in church. We encourage you to check out the following documents if you’re curious about how we approach worship at Knox, and within the larger Presbyterian denomination.




Knox is looking for new worship team volunteers. If you sing or play an instrument and are interested in being part of the worship team at Knox, please contact our Director of Worship Arts, Elise Carver at