All Church Retreat 2019

In the same way, though there are many of us, we are one body in Christ, and individually we belong to each other.

 Romans 12:5 (Common English Bible)


In his letter to the church in Rome, Paul points out that in the Church we belong to one another as parts of a body belong to the whole. What does that mean to belong to one another? Knox’s mission statement begins inviting thoughtful seekers to intergenerational community. In forming intergenerational community we believe that we are learning practices that teach us how to belong to one another. One beautiful example of this kind of belonging happened in early December. The chair of our Deacons, Margot Cameron, was setting up for Communion before the morning worship service. Micah Riley had come to church early along with his mom who was working to set up the coffee cart. Micah offered to help Margot, and Margot handed Micah one of the chalices. She helped him to set up one of the communion stations. In that moment, I saw a beloved saint of the Church passing on her faith to one of our children. Margot and Micah belonged to one another. They were members of the same body.

Knox’s aim of forming intergenerational community was the reason that Brian and I made a home at Knox. We felt that sense of belonging to the older adults who welcomed us and mentored us. We felt the sense of belonging with students who befriended us and asked us to play board games. We felt the sense of belonging with young children who played with us on the lawn and asked us to read to them. In this belonging, we saw the Church and found our meaning and function in the body of Christ.

In just a few weeks, you are invited to join us at Forest Home in San  Bernardino for President’s Day weekend. We will spend Saturday afternoon, Sunday, and Monday morning playing games, going on hikes, sitting by the lake, singing around a campfire, playing a night game, eating s’mores, reading Scripture, praying together, and learning to belong to each other. The focus of this retreat is on forming intergenerational community. We hope to be formed by having all ages learn and grow together—and by enjoying great food, good laughs, and the beautiful mountain scenery.

If you would like to join us there is still some time to sign up. Registration will close on Tuesday, January 29. For more information please email me at or you can register on the website at

Grace and peace,

Pastor Ally



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