Come and See: Summer Series on John’s Gospel

Each Sunday during July and August we will look at a specific story and see how Jesus extends grace to those in need (through what are called the seven signs) and speaks truth to those who need to have “the eyes of their hearts” opened (through 7 dialogues).  What we will discover is God’s grace often comes in disguised forms, and when people experience Jesus’ love and mercy their lives are transformed.  In addition, we will see that people can also be changed through open, honest, and courageous conversations with Jesus.

Every sign and every conversation reveals another aspect of what it means for Jesus to be fully God and fully human.  The disciples have their perspective expanded every time Jesus acts and every time he speaks.  They discover that God incarnated in Jesus is:

All-powerful – able to bring transformation through miracles.

Compassionate and merciful – bringing people from shame to liberation.

Willing to change his intentions in order to respond to the needs of others.

Able to deal with family crisis in the midst of difficult questions and overwhelming


As you encounter Jesus in each of John’s stories you may want to ponder your own response and reactions.  What is going on inside you?

Here are some prompts that might be helpful:

This makes me think that…..

I wonder about…

This story reminds me of …

The question that I have is…

This story motivates me to…

I wish that…

I look forward to continuing this journey with you as we respond to John’s simple invitation to come and see Jesus.

~Pastor Terry