Confirmation and Statements of Faith

I Believe

Have you every written a statement of faith? I was tasked with writing one for the first time in a class on Presbyterian Creeds with Dr. John Thompson seven years ago. John pushed us to cover a number of topics on just one page. It was surprisingly challenging—what do I believe about the Bible? What do I believe about God? The Church? What happens after death? Sitting with those questions with the other students in my class was transformational to my self-understanding.

From October to April, fourteen of our high school students participated in our confirmation class. Each student was tasked with writing their own statement of faith. They worked through these statements in the class on Sunday evenings once a month. Each student was also partnered with two adult mentors who also worked the statements with the students. The class wrapped up with a retreat down in La Jolla. In between playing at the beach, riding down a hill on ice blocks, and enjoying gelato, the students finalized their work on their statements together offering help and reflections to each other.

Here are some of the statements of our confirmands below. May we be encouraged by their faith and commit to growing together with them and follow their leadership.

Pastor Ally

I think that the Bible is God speaking to us. (Luke Crawshaw).

My mission is to serve God in whatever daily way I can, to also inspire others to do so, and grow in faith with God. (Elliot Crisp)

The mission of the church is to spread and uphold the Christian message as well as to offer open arms to those looking to join and learn about Christ. (James Curtiss)

For me the praise part of church is where I see the Holy Spirit; through joining voices in any setting or just being and listening to the rhythm and vibrations from the congregation. (Anna Givens)

Church has provided me with a community of people with whom I can have thoughtful and productive conversations that continue to influence my perspective of faith. (Ian Eriksson)

I know now that God is not just saying “I’m sorry for your struggles”, but is saying “I know what you have been through and I am walking right here next to you”. (Sophia Jones)

One of the ways I relate to God is actually through communion. Although the bread and wine/ juice are meant to represent Jesus, I find communion a tangible way of connecting with God. (Aidan King)

Our God is almighty and holds power greater than we could ever fathom, yet we, as his children, have been invited into his home, to dine with him and know him as our Father. (Lucy Liversidge)

Jesus showed radical love for all people and came to save the lost, oppressed, sick, and marginalized. Through Jesus, God calls us to be hosts, welcoming all people despite our differences. (Caroline Peacore)

I believe each person is called to enter into relationship with God and seek to become more whole through faith and trust in God Almighty. (Colby Stenzel)

The Church is a place of reflection. People with a shared passion (God) join together to practice their faith and reflect on what it means to be a Christian in the 21st century. (Spencer Wilson)


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