Covenant Children’s Homes, India

An update from one of Knox’s mission partners:

Summer Camp was a success! In May, we had our 7th annual CCH Summer Camp where the theme was Decade of Dignity celebrating our 10-year anniversary as a ministry serving villages in India. Please continue to pray that the impact of camp will have lasting effects that transform the communities of CCH.

Government licensing update:  All of our CCH church homes have met with their local government officer to begin building rapport and understanding the expectation and requirement for receiving our licenses. This is an ongoing process and some regions have tighter restrictions and expectations than others. If your sponsored home is impacted, we will be in communication with you. But so far, a majority of our church homes have received the license without too many questions or challenges. About 40 of our 75 church homes so far have their license, or have been assured that it is coming soon and no further action is required. We are thankful for this progress!

Special positions for CCH growth and training:  In addition to a special position hired three years ago, our “pastor to the pastors,” who mainly focuses on counseling and equipping the pastors of CCH, we have now secured the funding for hiring a social worker position to support our pastor’s spouses as well as our oldest CCH girls. As CCH grows, the need for these types of positions and for leadership from our staff has been evident. We are so thankful for the special donors and support we have received for hiring these unique positions to give proper and needed foundation to CCH as we grow.

India’s minority populations: As in so many countries at this time, minority people groups, religions, and cultures are becoming more of a target of extremism in India. So far, our children’s homes have been largely unaffected by this. But Christians (and all minority religious groups) throughout India are receiving increased threat and harm due to intolerance. Please pray for Indian Christians to respond to these challenges in a way that inspires and gives substance to the gospel message.

Thanks for your impact in India,

Abby Stitsinger  CCH



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