Eco-Justice Workshop Series Wednesdays at 7:00 pm April 14 – May 26

All are welcome to a series of workshops centered on how our Christian faith calls us to live sustainably with the rest of God’s creation. The gatherings will be led by Pastor Matt and Claire Marie-Peterson and hosted by Knox’s Sustainability Team.  They will take place on Zoom starting at 7 p.m. each Wednesday, April 14–May 26.  To attend, click here.  Meeting ID: 860 7616 8445; Passcode: 493854
Each workshop will include scripture study, discussion of one or more chapters from A Faith Encompassing All Creation (York and Alexis-Baker 2014), opportunities for personal reflection, and ideas for practical action.  To order a book, click here.
All who attend the first workshop on April 14 will be entered in a giveaway of ecojustice-themed gifts from the Sustainability Team.

4/14 – Workshop 1: Introduction / The Christian Call to Creation Care 

4/21 – Workshop 2: Sustainable Gardening / How Did Jesus Look at Nature?

4/28 – Workshop 3: Water Conservation / Is God’s Salvation for All Creation?

5/05 – Workshop 4: Ethical Eating / Are Christians Called to “Environmental Stewardship”?

5/12 – Workshop 5: Sustainable Energy / Can Technology Save Us?

5/19 – Workshop 6: Product Purchase / Creation Care, Not Worship of Nature

5/26 – Workshop 7: Watershed Discipleship / Creation Care: Alternative to Empire