Morning Prayer

In light of some continuing education and travel/vacation weeks scheduled for Pastor Matt, Vince and Dorothy Caimano have kindly offered to continue hosting the weekday morning prayer, this time on the Zoom platform (instead of Knox’s Facebook page), beginning Monday 5/24.  They will be following a similar format, using the PCUSA daily readings along with a morning prayer liturgy. Community prayer requests can be made in the “chat” section of the Zoom meeting, and unless you would like to, the video does not need to be turned on upon joining the meeting. We plan to return to a live stream format with Pastor Matt (and others!) in August, hopefully on an even more accessible platform to continue connecting our community through a practice of daily prayer.  

Zoom Meeting ID: 440 975 6766  Passcode: knox123  (weekdays 5/24 – 8/20/21)