Meet Knox’s Elder Class of 2020

Ruling Elders are elected for a three year term to provide leadership for the congregation in vision, governance, and ministry.

Kent Chesney

Kent and his wife Susan Chesney have been attending Knox for 4 years. Kent loves the liturgy, sense of community, and the fun activities that happen throughout the year. Working in the printing industry, he specialized in non-profit direct mail fund raising for 30 years. Susan and Kent owned CP Graphics in Glendale whose clients included Fuller Seminary, World Vision, and World Impact. They sold the business in 2001, and moved to Colorado Springs for 2 years before moving back to Southern California. Their son Peter (32) is a PhD candidate at UCLA, and their daughter Laura (26) is beginning the MBA program at USC – please pray for peace in a divided household! Fun Fact: Kent is a baseball fanatic who recently retired from softball after playing 2,000 games.

Carrie Hofmann

Carrie and her husband Doug have been members of Knox for 5 years. They have three children — Jude (6), Asher (3), and Natalie (1). Carrie serves on the Children’s Committee and the Adult Education and Spiritual Formation Committee, and coordinates the connection group for young moms at Knox. Professionally, Carrie is a scientist working at Caltech, but her true passions are anything crafty, camping, and running when she can find the time. Fun fact: Carrie loves to make ornate, themed birthday cakes for her kids. In true LA style, she was on a cake decorating competition show for moms, and won!


Vince Caimano

 Vince and his wife Dorothy have been members of Knox for 5 years. Their two daughters and their families are also Knox members and feel blessed that they can worship together at Knox. Before coming to Knox, Vince served as Senior Warden at The Church of the Epiphany in Oak Park, CA. Before that, he was a ruling elder at Westminster Presbyterian in Westlake Village. At Knox, he has served on the Facilities Committee and for the last three years has led the HR Committee. Vince’s day job is to operate a business that provides video-based support group services to healthcare organizations and the people they serve. Fun fact: Vince grew up in Brooklyn in the “Saturday Night Fever neighborhood” and comes from a large, colorful Italian family.

Cynthia Eriksson

 Cynthia has been a member of Knox for over 12 years. She and her husband, Nord, have 2 sons, Noah (age 18) and Ian (age 14). During her years at Knox, Cynthia has been a deacon, a Sunday School teacher, a small group leader, a worship band member, and a member of numerous committees.  She is enthusiastic about spiritual formation, and has been a member of the Adult Spiritual Formation and Education Committee since it began. Cynthia is a Clinical Psychologist and is a tenured associate professor at Fuller Seminary’s Graduate School of Psychology. Fun fact: Cynthia has gone swimming in the Mekong River in Phnom Penh.





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