Meet Knox’s Deacons

The goal of the deacons’ ministry at Knox Presbyterian Church is to love, care for, and serve those who regularly worship at Knox.

Margot Cameron

I’ve been a member of Knox for about four years, and am currently completing my third year as a Deacon. I am a retired Junior High Teacher. In my spare time I enjoy sky diving and rock climbing (actually, I’ve never done either, but they sound much cooler than the reality of pleasant time spent with family, friends, bridge and books). A favorite Psalm of mine is Psalm 121, which provides verse after verse of comfort with the assurance that the Lord is watching over us in all circumstances.  It concludes with the promises in verses 7 and 8: “The Lord will keep you from all harm – he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your comings and going both now and Forevermore.”



Jason Riley

My family and I have lived in Pasadena for seven years, and we have worshipped at Knox for more than five years. I recently graduated from Fuller, having completed my doctoral program in Old Testament. I also recently began working as the project manager for a start up company based here in Pasadena, and will continue teaching part time at Fuller. My wife, Angie Riley, is an elder at Knox, and our children are Eliana (7) and Micah (5). Our family loves to camp and get outdoors as much as possible. Our most recent trip was to Bishop, where we took our kids on a 7.5 mile hike and swam at a small lake at 11,000 ft! I look forward to continuing to serve the congregation here at Knox as a Deacon, Sunday School teacher, and in other ways as needed. We have been blessed by the Knox family and seek to be a blessing to others. Psalm 1 is my favorite psalm. Its beautiful structure and rhythm guides us to avoid a life that leads to destruction, but delight in the instruction of Yahweh and take the way of righteousness.


Jeanie Riddell

I’ve been at Knox for several years. I am married to Mark Robeson, and together we have 5 children and 7.5 grandchildren. For the past 10 years, I was on the faculty of the UCLA School Management Program, and now work in that field a few days/months.  I’m also a chaplain at the Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center. For fun, Mark and I like to travel . . .we just rode bikes from Amsterdam to Brugge, Belgium, and slept on a barge. My favorite Psalm is Psalm 73. It invites us to consider the importance of “sanctuary,” a place of refuge and safety where we can feel God’s presence. Lately I’ve been encouraged to look for such places in my everyday life, and then to use what I learn in that place to “feed (God’s) sheep.”




Daniel Lavin

I have been attending Knox for 8 years, and have served on the Facilities Committee and taught Sunday School for Middle School students.  My son, Matthew, lives in Seattle, and was married recently. For work, I am an engineer who designs, builds, and operates facilities that produce biologic drugs. I played and coached baseball for many years, and am a big Boston Red Sox fan. One of my favorite Psalms from the bible is Psalm 103, which reminds us of all the ways that God cares for us, and how this should motivate our worship. 






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