The Two Joshuas

Meet our new Custodian – Joshua Hernandez

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. But I love getting out of the city now and then to do some camping and enjoy the fresh air. I love anything creative, so in my free time, I’m usually making music and/or creating something visual.  In addition to working as the Custodian at Knox, I am also a Technical Design Assistant for a Los Angeles based music production company.






Meet our new Caretaker – Joshua Miller

I was born and raised in Ohio and then graduated from Bluffton University with a Bachelors in Biology and Psychology. I have mainly worked in the healthcare industry with jobs in medical lab science, psychiatric tech, and crisis therapy (to name a few). I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in various cultures all over the world with the purpose of understanding the individual experience as it relates to society and conflict theory.  At Pasadena City College I will be studying nursing. I enjoy helping others, reading non-fiction, cooking, Netflix, walks, time with friends/family, and meditation. I am also introverted by nature.





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