Javiar Garcia

I was born and lived in Acapulco, Mexico, for 19 years. I came into New Mexico worked for a Thermal Installation company. I am a dedicated family person and returned to my home land until 1983 at that time I came to California. My wife, Natividad Hernandez, and I were school sweet hearts. We were married 35 years ago and have two daughters, Zugey and Madia, and one son, Ian and five grandchildren. We have been Pasadena residents for 35 years living in a home I purchased. I have been an employee of Knox for over 31 years as a contractor then as a Grounds Keeper and solved problems by painting, fixing leaking toilets, setup of rooms and keeping the campus clean of trash and dirt. As for Hobbies I like classical music, watching the news and the History channel on the TV and read about history of the world. Periodically I will help friends and neighbors with plumbing problems, cut their lawn, and help with moving stuff. I learned English by conversation with fellow employees and by attending classes at PCC. I became an American Citizen in 2015.