Author Interview w/Jessica Wai-Fong Wong

Join us Thursday, February 24th at 7 pm in the Knox sanctuary as we kick off the Campaign for Racial Justice by interviewing Jess Wong about her recent book, Disordered: The Holy Icon and Racial Myths (Baylor University Press, 2021). The interview will be followed by a time of questions and answers from the audience. Jess is an Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Azusa Pacific University and has served as an Elder at Knox since 2017, as well as leading with youth and on the Racial Justice Team. Her book discusses the idea that distorted perception of the human body lies at the heart of racism, but properly seeing Jesus, God made flesh, can restore our perception, and with it, the identities and relationships that racism has damaged. While the Knox-subsidized books have already sold out, Jess’s book will still be made available to the Knox congregation for a special reduced price of $35 – purchase a book in the Narthex following worship services, and at the event. We hope you join us to celebrate her new book release and take the opportunity to begin considering the role that reconciling racism should play in faith practices.

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